Huntsman Mitigation Site

The Huntsman Mitigation Site is located in Wilkes County near Ronda and Jonesville. The streams were in various stages of degradation due to the existing agricultural use. The project restored and enhanced 8,800 linear feet of streams and now treats concentrated agricultural runoff with best management practices. An 18.4-acre conservation easement protects the site in perpetuity. Several North Carolina agencies have conservation and watershed planning documents that outline stream and water quality conditions in this site’s Yadkin River watershed and note common watershed stressors such as naturally erodible soils, erosion from agriculture/pasture/logging, and poor riparian buffer vegetation. Degraded stream conditions such as moderate to severe stream bank erosion, stream channelization, and stream sedimentation are common. Little Hunting Creek is specifically noted for degraded habitat and the agricultural operations in its watershed. This project required the construction of 20 Angled Log Sills, 3 Log J-Hooks, 2 Log Vanes, 29 Rock Sills, 107 individual Constructed Riffles (Native Material and Chunky), 1,593 linear feet of Brush Toe, 185 feet of Rock Protection, 755 linear feet of Rock Cascades with Pools, 59 linear feet of Step Pool Stormwater Conveyances, and 272 Linear feet of Vegetated Soil Lifts. The site was stabilized with 10,500 square yards of coir matting and the permanent seeding of 25 acres of land. The construction of 9,650 feet of wire fence excluded cattle from the stream post-construction.

  • Wildlands Engineering, Inc.
  • Wilkes County, NC
  • April 1, 2022

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