Kings Grant Marsh Restoration Site

The Kings Grant Marsh Restoration Project is one of the largest saltwater restoration projects in SC state history. Once a pristine tidal marsh, the land was backfilled to develop a now-defunct golf course. In recent years, a residential housing development had been proposed for the Kings Grant site.  The restoration work included the reconstruction of 41 acres of marsh ecosystem located along the Ashley River in the Kings Grant Subdivision. Due to its location in the estuary, the restored property supports a rare combination of intertidal brackish and saltwater wetlands, a high priority for restoration for state and Federal Resource agencies. As sea levels rise, the restored marsh will play an important role in buffering inland communities from storms and allowing marsh habitat to change with rising water levels. Work included clearing and grubbing of existing vegetation, cut and fill 83,000 cubic yards of soils on the site, grading of soils to specified marsh elevations, construction/grading of tidal creeks, erosion control measures, and planting 1750,000 plants.

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